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Hotel Room

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Waterton Hotel Rates This Summer

Hotel RoomSpring break’s over and it’s time to get into the full swing of lazy summer days. Here’s a quick summer tidbit: Did you know that residents of our Fort Myers apartments receive discounts at hotels all across the country?

That’s right! Gulfstream Isles Apartments are managed by Waterton, and it just so happens that Waterton manages a few great hotels all over the nation, as well. When you live in a Waterton community, you’re able to take advantage of some of the best hotel rates available in many great cities when you stay at an establishment that boasts the Waterton brand. Below are just a few of the various hotels we offer. Keep in mind that special pricing is only good now until August 31, 2017. When booking your stay, call the special number associated with the hotel of your choice and request the Waterton corporate rate.

Here’s a taste of the summer fun you could experience:

A San Francisco Treat

Head to the West Coast for a relaxing endeavor or a different kind of seaside adventure. The Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport in nearby Millbrae offers discounted rates to Waterton residents starting at $159 on weekdays and $99 on weekends.

While you’re there, be sure to:

  • See the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Drive the 49-Mile Drive
  • Take a photo in front of the Full House house

Riding the Wind to the Windy City

Heading to Chicago? Hotel rates can be exorbitant, but since you’re a Waterton resident, you can hang out in Skokie, which is about a half-hour outside of the city’s center, for rates starting at $99 per night at the DoubleTree Skokie.

Things you should check out:

  • Millennium Park
  • The Navy Pier
  • Skydeck Chicago at the Sears Tower

A Different Kind of Beach

Do you have a Midwestern destination set on your GPS? Beachwood, Ohio is a suburb of Cleveland. There’s plenty to do in the Great Lakes region, and since rates at Aloft Beachwood begin at just $89, you’ll have plenty of cash leftover for the fun stuff, such as:

Historic Boston

The list of things that make Boston great would be too long to name them all here, but with your discount at four Boston-area hotels (Courtyard Boston Marlborough, starting from $139 weekdays and $99 weekends; Sheraton Framingham starting from $159 weekdays and $99 weekends; Sheraton Needham starting from $99; and DoubleTree Westborough starting from $99), you’ll be able to check out all the attractions for yourself!

Must-see attractions:

  • Fenway Park
  • Freedom Trail, including the Paul Revere House
  • Samuel Adams Brewery

Looking for an apartment community that offers extra perks beyond standard amenities? You’ve come to the right place! Stop by Gulfstream Isles and learn more about our great community today!

Sunglasses by the Pool

Stay Safe During the Summer Heat!

Sunglasses by the PoolIt’s hot out there. Staying cool in the Fort Myers heat isn’t only about comfort; it’s about safety and saving money. Let’s look at ways to keep you safe and cool this summer.

Staying Safe and Cool Inside

Unblock vents. Furniture should never block a vent. You don’t want that nice, cool air chilling the bottom of your sofa instead of your apartment.

Leave doors open. Your A/C return is responsible for sucking hot air out of the apartment. If doors are closed inside your apartment, then the cold air coming from the vents just mixes with hot air. Keep bedroom doors open as much as possible.

Save the baking for nighttime. Ovens and stoves put off a lot of heat. Whenever possible, avoid using ovens and stoves during the day.

Keeping Safe and Cool Outside

Stay hydrated. Cool liquids reduce your body temperature. Not only that but drinking plenty of water is fantastic for your health. It can help you stay cool. In the summer heat, avoid caffeinated drinks like soda, iced tea, alcohol or hot drinks as these will raise your body temperature.

Eat lighter foods. Foods that are heavy with protein and fat make your digestive track work harder. You’ll feel hotter. Opt for cold soup, salads, light sandwiches or frozen treats when it’s hot outside.

Wear sun protection. Protect your eyes and skin with sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat. When going outside, apply a generous amount of sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 or higher, is water resistant and provides broad-spectrum coverage. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours or right after getting out of the water to keep your skin protected!

Avoid midday sun. Whenever possible, schedule fun outdoor time before 10:30 a.m. or after 2 p.m. to avoid the added heat.

Listen to your body. If you feel overheated, move to the shade and drink some water.

Avoid high temperatures and hot cars. Did you know that the temperature of a parked car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes? In Florida, it is actually an offense to leave a child unattended in a car. Because of this, it’s important to be cautious when you have children or pets in a vehicle. Always make sure to check the backseat before you leave. To ensure you check the backseat before getting out of your vehicle, put your purse, briefcase, and other belongings in the backseat so you know to look before you lock the doors.

This summer, follow these tips to keep safe and cool in the heat. If you’re looking for a cool, new place to call home in Fort Myers this summer, check out our spacious floor plans and amenities at our apartments in Fort Myers.

Gulfstream Isles Living Room

10 Space Hacks for Your Apartment

Gulfstream Isles Living RoomLooking to maximize the space in your apartment? A few simple storage and organization hacks will help you best utilize every last square foot of your apartment home.

1. Make Use of Magnets

For hanging keys and other small metal objects, magnetic mounting strips can be easily attached to walls, thus freeing up space on counters and other surfaces.

2. Hang Window Treatments High

Create the illusion of a larger space by hanging floor-to-ceiling window treatments, such as drapes and curtains. This makes ceilings appear taller!

3. Invest in Cabinet Storage Solutions

Maximize your cabinet space by investing in removable shelving, pot/pan lid organizers, and over-the-door storage containers. These come in handy for both kitchen and bathroom cabinet storage.

4. Create Under-Bed Storage

Placing your bed on a set of risers will create additional under-bed storage. Alternatively, you could invest in a bed with built-in storage shelves underneath your mattress. Either way, placing items underneath your bed is a great way to hide clutter and save space!

5. Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors placed around your apartment will also help to create the illusion of more space, especially in smaller areas like bathrooms and hallways.

6. Choose Multi-Tasking Furniture

Shop wisely for furniture and choose items that will multi-task, such as a storage ottoman for your living room that will double as a coffee table.

7. Go Vertical With Storage

Make use of vertical storage by hanging removable shelves and other temporary storage items, thus freeing up floor space and making your apartment more organized and spacious.

8. Measure Furniture Before Buying

When buying new furniture, keep the dimensions of your apartment in mind. Rather than buying that huge sofa with the built-in chaise and reclining chairs, a simple loveseat may be a more practical choice.

9. Declutter and Go Minimal

Decluttering your apartment and getting rid of things you don’t need will not only maximize space, but it will make it easier to stay clean, organized, and stress-free.

10. Stick With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors, such as grays and browns, help spaces feel larger and more open. You can always add small accents of color, too!

At Gulfstream Isles apartments in Fort Myers, residents enjoy ample square footage in a variety of open floor plans and huge walk-in closets. For more information on our amenities and current offerings, contact us today!

Boat on Water

Get an Up-Close Encounter With the Critters of the Sea!

Boat on WaterIf you are looking for a great way to get out with the family and discover some amazing sea creatures, simply throw on your swimsuits and boat shoes, and head out to experience the Sea Life Encounter Excursion.

What to Expect

The Sea Life Encounter Excursion provides a hands-on adventure for family members of all ages. A boat tour will take you out to an uninhabited island where you can go scoop netting and find all kinds of amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

While you are on the boat, heading to the island just off Sanibel Island and Fort Myers shores, you can enjoy the touch tanks on deck and learn about native sea life. You can also catch a few dolphins playing at sea and get a simply amazing view of the scenery.

Once you get to the island, a marine biologist will take you on the excursion where you will use the scoop nets to discover all different kinds of sea life. You could come across a seahorse family, or perhaps make friends with a pufferfish or starfish. As you find these animals, along with shrimp, blowfish, and more, the marine biologist will teach you all about each animal’s habits, diet, and many other fascinating facts. Kiddos and adults alike will have an absolute blast learning about all of the creatures they come across during the excursion.

While there are many other ways to have fun with the family in Fort Meyers, the Sea Life Encounter Excursion will provide your family with a learning experience that allows you to get up close and personal with animals in their natural, unbothered habitat. You will have a great time that no one will ever be able to forget.

Enjoying Fort Myers

The Sea Life Encounter Excursion is just one of the many ways to enjoy Fort Myers, Florida. From fishing to shopping to beautiful weather year-round, the city is a great place to call home. Whether you are moving to Fort Myers or looking for a new place to call home, you can come home from amazing adventures to one our apartments in Fort Myers. Call us today to ask about available floor plans.

Cocktail on the Beach

Top Five Best Beach Bars to Visit in Fort Myers

Cocktail on the BeachThere’s a lot to love about living in the sunshine state, and those of us blessed to live in Fort Myers apartments know well, one of them is getting to enjoy the world-class nightlife without ever having to leave the beach. In fact, there are almost too many great spots to choose from, but when you’re in the mood for a guaranteed great time enjoying drinks and an ocean breeze simultaneously, here are our five favorite spots.

The Five Top Beach Bars in Fort Myers

  1. When you literally want to put your feet in the sand, you can’t go wrong with Pincher’s Tiki Bar at Fort Myers Beach. In addition to picnic tables right on the beach, the tiki bar offers two-for-one drinks all night.
  2. If beach bars are hallowed ground for you, don’t miss the Bloody Marys at the Mermaid Liquors and Lounge.
  3. To truly take full advantage of Fort Myers legendary nightlife, then a visit to the Lani Kai Island Resort can’t be missed. An integral part of the fun times to be had in Fort Myers, between the games and the people watching, you won’t run out of things to do or sights to see. At Lani Kai Island Resort, make a stop at the Sun Deck Restaurant, Island View Restaurant, or Sabal Palm Patio Bar & Grill for yummy drinks during happy hour!
  4. For the true, low-key local experience, and a good shot of hearing some live music as well, hit up The Cottage Beach Bar & Gulfshore Grill.
  5. When you’re in the mood to boogie down beachside, check out Junkanoo On the Beach. This hot spot for grabbing an afternoon drink and bite to eat is the perfect place for a taste of the tropics. Enjoy sipping libations whileoverlooking the Gulf of Mexico out on Junkanoo’s open air or covered seating on the beach.

When you’re in the mood to enjoy a drink without the nightlife and not have to leave home, why not enjoy a night in. Relax by one of our sparkling pools, take advantage of our grilling and picnic area or just enjoy the evening breeze from your open patio or balcony. Get in touch with us to learn more about our amenities and available floor plans.

Fresh Watermelon

How to Host the Perfect Spring Picnic

Fresh WatermelonAre you planning a spring picnic and want to make sure the event goes smoothly? Following are five ways that residents of apartments in Fort Myers can ensure their picnics are successful.

Pick a Good Spot

Location is one of the major keys to hosting a successful picnic. Choose a spot that’s relatively easy for all of your guests to access, as well as one that is neither too crowded nor too isolated. If children are to be part of the festivities, choose a park or other location that features an open area with some play equipment. Make certain that any trails or paths leading to the spot are easy to navigate if you’ve got senior citizens or very small children in your party.

Pack Two Coolers

Pack one cooler with cold drinks while reserving the other one for salads, sandwiches, meats, and other perishable foods. This prevents the perishable items from potentially getting too warm as a result of the cooler being opened frequently when people grab drinks.

Consider the Classics

There’s a reason why certain foods such as fried chicken, deli-style sandwiches, and watermelon are considered picnic classics—because they work extremely well for casual al fresco dining. They’re easy to keep cool until the time comes to dine, and they can be eaten with a minimal amount of utensils. For dessert, consider cupcakes, brownies, or other easily handheld sweet treets.

Plan an Activity

Plan an activity that everyone can enjoy before or after the meal. Activity ideas include scavenger hunts, volleyball games, swimming, board games, old-fashioned charades, croquet, badminton, or anything else that appeals to your group. If you’re picnicking near water, remember to appoint one adult to act as a general lookout and lifeguard, and remember to wait at least an hour after eating to take that first dip in the water.

Have a Backup Plan

Decide in advance where your group will go in the event that the area chosen for the picnic somehow becomes unavailable at the last minute due to rain or some other unforeseen circumstance. Having an impromptu picnic in your apartment can be great fun.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our apartments in Fort Myers!

Small Puppy in Cup

Did You Bring Fido to Yappy Hour?

Small Puppy in CupDid you grab your furry four-legged friend’s leash and head out to Bell Tower Shops to take part in Yappy Hour? This pet-friendly event sponsored by the local mall provides residents of our apartments in Fort Myers, FL with the opportunity to enjoy an evening out with their dog.

Find a Dog That Needs a New Forever Home

Yappy Hour is a great time for pet owners or anyone looking to get a pet to find a dog in need of a forever home. During this mall event, The Gulf Coast Humane Society was in attendance and had various adoptable dogs. Each of these dogs was looking for a new forever home.

Exciting Family-Friendly Activities for Kids and Furry Four-Legged Friends

Various local vendors were at Yappy Hour. The vendors set up activity stations where kids and furry four-legged friends could gather and take part in fun games. For the adults, the vendors had various information packets and product samples.

Shop and Dine at the Various Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Shops

The Bell Tower Shops make finding restaurants and shops that welcome your furry four-legged friend easy. Any shop or restaurant that accommodates pet owners and allows them to bring their dogs will have a window decal. The window decal indicates that that particular shop or restaurant is dog-friendly.

There are over 30 different establishments that are dog-friendly. Some examples include:

  • EO Burgers
  • Brookstone
  • Banana Republic
  • Bistro 41
  • Chico’s
  • Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
  • Talbot’s
  • Williams-Sonoma

New dog-friendly shops and restaurants are being added on a regular basis. You can visit the Bell Tower Shops website or talk to mall guest services to get a full list of dog-friendly establishments.

Yappy Hour Event Details

Yappy Hour was held on April 14, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The event was held at Bell Tower Shop, which is located at 13499 S Cleveland Ave. in Fort Myers, Florida.

Gulfstream Isles is the perfect place for dog owners to call home. We are located a short distance away from many pet-friendly shops and restaurants. We also have 2 dog parks that are equipped with agility equipment. Call us today to schedule a private tour of our apartments in Fort Myers.

Outdoor Garden

Don’t Miss the Art in the Gardens Exhibit!

Outdoor GardenWhen you live at Gulfstream Isles, you already have an appreciation for beauty and art. However, in Fort Myers, Florida, you have many areas of beauty and art to explore throughout the city. If you have not yet done so, a good place to start is with Art in the Gardens, an exhibit at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates. When you rent our apartments in Fort Myers, you gain access to many incredible opportunities like this.

What is Art in the Gardens?

Bring the whole family to this exhibit. They’ll love it. This year marks the 9th anniversary of the Art in the Gardens exhibit. It takes place now through April 23. And, it is completely free to the public.

The theme of this year’s event will be to create bird-related outdoor sculptures. Teachers and students will work together to use interesting materials including recycled items and other unusual items to create these one-of-a-kind creations.

You may have already heard from your loved ones about this interesting event. Many area elementary schools and high schools in the area will come together to be a part of the event. And, it all takes place at the Edison Ford Museum Heritage Gardens, a fantastic place to explore.

Looking to Explore the Museum?

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is a fantastic property that offers both self-guided and guided tours to those visiting. Visitors can tour over 20 acres of botanical gardens as well as nine historical buildings. This includes the Edison Ford Museum with its numerous displays of inventions and artifacts. The gardens themselves are quite stunning and well-maintained. The area is perfectly suited for a good history lesson or just some down time enjoying all that the garden has to offer you.

Live Nearby and Enjoy it all of the Time

For those who choose to live in our Fort Myers apartments, having these types of attractions nearby is a given. For those who may be looking for a new place to live, Gulfstream Isles can be the ideal home in a beautiful setting and close to numerous area attractions. To learn more about our community and available floor plans, contact our office today.

Beach and Palm Trees

What Will You Eat at Taste of the Beach?

Beach and Palm TreesGet your taste buds ready for the Annual Taste of the Beach at Fort Myers Beach! If you live in the Fort Myers apartments at Gulfstream Isles, you’ll be virtually steps away from this tantalizing event.

The 22nd Annual Taste of the Beach at Fort Myers Beach takes place this May 7, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. just down the street from Times Square on Old San Carlos Boulevard. You’ll have the opportunity to sample a range of cuisines and offerings from local restaurants located in the area. There will also be live entertainment on site while you dine.

Broaden Your Palette Just Outside Fort Myers Apartments

What better way to branch out from your usual dining and restaurant habits than to attend an event with such variety? In addition to offering numerous delicious food samples, these restaurants will also compete for prizes in areas like Best Seafood Dish, Best Chicken Dish, Best Beef Dish, Best Appetizer, Best Dessert, People’s Choice, and Best Decorated Booth.

Gates open at 11:00 a.m. on May 7, and the event will run until 4:00 p.m. or whenever food runs out. Admission to the event will be $5 for people ages 12 and up. Children under 12 will be admitted free. Food tickets at the event will be available for $1.00 each, with average food prices at the event around $5 per sample. Attendees can enjoy live music by Jo List and Friends during the event from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Free Admission and Food Tickets for Volunteers

There are also volunteer opportunities in exchange for admission in the areas of setup, cleanup, ticket sales and water sales. Volunteers will receive free admission, free water and 10 complimentary food tickets. If interested in volunteering, contact the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce for more details at 239-454-7500.

The Annual Taste of the Beach at Fort Myers Beach is a way for residents to explore new appetites and expand their palettes, and it takes place just steps from our Fort Myers apartments at Gulfstream Isles. If you want the very best in beachside living, a wealth of appealing amenities and close access to fun beach events like Taste of the Beach, consider making Gulfstream Isles apartments in Fort Myers your new home!


Watch the Red Sox and Minnesota Twins During Spring Training!

BaseballIt’s the event that people in the Fort Myers, FL area wait for every year. Spring training is coming, and Floridians get a front row seat for two of their favorite teams!

What’s the Deal?

One of the biggest draws to the area this time of year is that two American League (AL) teams train in the Fort Myers area. The Minnesota Twins call Hammond Stadium — located in the South Fort Myers’ CenturyLink Sports Complex — home.

Meanwhile, at nearby JetBlue Park in Fort Myers’ Fenway South facility, you’ll find the training ground for the Boston Red Sox.

From the teams’ point of view, spring training is all about getting in real-time practice and assessing players for various positions. But for fans, spring training also serves as an appetizer for the main season. At both Hammond Stadium and JetBlue Park, the Sox and Twins will be playing exhibition games against other teams, most of which are open to the ticket-buying public.

Batter Up!

You’re sure to catch a great exhibition game any time you head out to either Hammond Stadium or JetBlue Park. Along with playing one another at each other’s training facilities, both the Sox and the Twins will be hosting such teams as the Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees and Houston Oilers.

Check your schedule for the latest spring training events, slated to run through early April. Tickets start at $5.

The Good Life — On and Off the Field

Many baseball fans are drawn to Fort Myers during the spring fall in love with our way of life. Looking for a one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment just minutes from US 41, I-75 and area schools? Gulfstream Isles apartments in Fort Myers is a family-friendly, pet-welcoming community that provides recreational opportunities such as swimming pools, barbecue grills, tennis courts, and a fitness center. Our fully-stocked clubhouse comes equipped with places to study, get online, watch TV, grab some coffee or even convene a conference!

Each of our Gulfstream Isles floor plans offers a fully-stocked kitchen, air conditioning, patio or balcony, washer-dryers and spacious closets. Call us today at 866-521-1728  to see them for yourself!

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