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Party Theme Ideas for Spring

TerrariumSpring delivers new opportunities and a fresh feel of optimism. The new season also means new parties!

Looking to host unforgettable spring festivities at our Fort Myers apartments? Consider incorporating one of these unique themes:

6 Amazing Themes for Spring Parties


Nothing shouts spring like floral, but you might be sick of the usual daffodils and daisies. Instead, add a pinch of bohemian flavor with vibrant wildflower decor. The more eclectic, the better. There’s no better time to let your inner Pinterest diva shine.

Cherry Blossoms

If you can’t make it to Japan to see gorgeous cherry blossoms, bring the concept home with this unique spring party theme. Spread cherry blossoms on your table, or invest in a sakura centerpiece from Etsy. Serve sake and sushi, or other Japanese favorites.

Spring Brunch

Everybody loves brunch. They’ll love it even more if you serve classics with a spring twist. For example, lemon and lime mimosas suit the season, as do parfaits and pancakes with rhubarb sauce. Decorate with fresh flowers and pastel colors.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Not feeling the florals? No problem. Embrace your favorite childhood springtime activity with whimsical kite-themed decor. Begin the fun in your apartment with snacks that remind you of spring. Afterward, head outside for a kite-flying extravaganza. You’ll quickly discover that it’s just as delightful as an adult.

Spring Picnic

Baskets and blankets aren’t just for summer—especially in a warm climate such as Fort Myers. Host a picnic at our community’s grill areas. If you prefer to stay inside, lay out a few blankets in your apartment and encourage guests to enjoy their sandwiches picnic-style.

Terrarium Party

Your crafty friends will be thrilled to kick off gardening season with a new creation. Many stores offer kits to get you started. Otherwise, all you need: sand, rocks, soil, activated charcoal, moss, and jars or other containers for your guests’ masterpieces.

From floral decor to make-and-take activities, your spring party can be as chill or exciting as you want. Enthusiasm is the key ingredient; your guests should be just as excited for spring as you are.

The spacious apartments at Gulfstream Isles provide ample opportunities for hosting friends and loved ones. Get in touch with us to learn more about our floor plans and amenities.

Gulfstream Isles Kitchen Oven

How to Clean Your Oven

Gulfstream Isles Kitchen OvenResidents of our Fort Myers apartments know how wonderful the weather is all year long and will always try to spend as much time as possible outdoors, especially during the cooler winter months. One household cleaning event community members put off until they cannot put it off any longer is cleaning their ovens. So what’s the fastest and easiest way to do it?

Scrubbing Ovens With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great, all-around cleanser that won’t irritate your skin or sinuses. First, remove wire racks from your oven. Then, mix equal parts baking soda and water until the mixture forms a paste. Use a sponge to cover the bottom and sides of the oven with the paste. If your oven is particularly dirty, you might leave the paste on overnight before cleaning to allow the baking soda to dissolve burnt-on gunk.

Use a Little Vinegar

You can also spray some white vinegar on to the baking soda paste to further help loosen hardened debris. The vinegar will work with the baking soda and turn into a foam. Take a damp cloth and wipe the foamy vinegar-baking soda mix. Keep doing this until all of the baking soda residue is eliminated. Feel free to add more water or vinegar when you’re wiping to get your oven super clean and spotless.

When Baking Soda Doesn’t Work

For ovens that haven’t been scrubbed since your last spring cleaning event, try this natural cleaning solution recipe to make your oven look brand new:

  • One cup of household ammonia
  • One medium sized pot of water
  • Two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid
  • One quart of warm water

First, preheat your oven to about 150 degrees then turn it off. Boil the water in the pot. Pour ammonia into a baking dish and set it on the top rack in your oven. Place the pot with the boiling water on the lower rack. Leave the ammonia and water in your oven overnight. After letting your oven air out in the morning, squirt some dishwashing liquid into the warm water and add this to the ammonia. Wear gloves when using this solution.

Of course, the joys of living at Gulfstream Isles Apartments dramatically outweighs the downside of cleaning. Call our office today to learn more about living in our apartment community.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tasty Grilled Cheese Recipes

Grilled Cheese SandwichCrispy bread and gooey cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich was one of the meals you looked forward to growing up. Deep down, you know you still love this humble staple of home cooking. That is why you should celebrate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day on April 12.

Grilled Cheese Recipes

You are older and your tastes have grown up, too. Substitute the plastic-wrapped cheese and squishy bread for these mouthwatering variations.

Brie, Bacon and Onion on Sourdough

Caramelize half an onion and fry two strips of bacon per sandwich. While the onions are caramelizing, and the bacon is getting crispy, thinly slice your favorite Brie cheese and place a layer of it on a piece of sourdough bread. Thinly cut a pear and lay the slices on top of the cheese. When the onions are golden brown, add them to the sandwich. Cut the cooked bacon into small pieces and sprinkle on the onions. Finish with another layer of Brie and top with a sourdough slice before cooking the sandwich.

Spinach and Artichoke

Roughly cut a cup of spinach and a clove of garlic. Heat a pan and add a tablespoon of water. Add the spinach and garlic. Cook for one minute. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Place two ounces of low-fat cream cheese, a tablespoon of sour cream, a teaspoon of Parmesan cheese, three-quarters of a cup of shredded mozzarella, a quarter of a cup of diced artichoke hearts, and a pinch of pepper. Stir well to combine. Spread half the mixture on a slice of whole wheat bread. Top with another slice of bread and sauté.

California Grilled Cheese

Open and scrape a ripe avocado into a mixing bowl. Season with salt and pepper to taste then mash it with the back of a fork. Lightly spread mayonnaise on two slices of multigrain bread. Place a slice of Pepper Jack cheese on top of each of the slices. Place in a broiler until the cheese is melted. Remove from broiler and assemble the sandwich with two slices of tomatoes, lettuce and a half of the mashed avocado.

Are you looking for apartments in Fort Myers, FL? Gulfstream Isles offers residents luxurious living options in a convenient location. With a variety of apartment layouts and amenities to suit your needs, you will want to move in today. Call (866) 521-1728 to arrange a tour.

Puppy in Grass

How to Ease Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Puppy in GrassWe can all agree that our furry friends deserve love, affection and the best possible care. These are a few ways to help ease your dog’s itchy skin we hope our Gulfstream Isles community members in Fort Myers, Florida, can put to good use.

Check Dog Food Ingredients

Our beloved four-legged friends are not much different than humans when it comes to food allergies. That’s why many veterinarians suggest that pet owners change the food staple in a dog’s diet. Kibble, for example, often includes filler products and additives that may disagree with your dog. Also, things such as soy, wheat and corn are well-known for triggering allergic reactions. Consider switching to a more all-natural resource and be sure your dog is drinking plenty of water.

Flea and Insect Care

Flea infestations are often the first place a pet owner’s mind goes to when their dog starts scratching more than usual. Fleas, ticks and other insects can be unmerciful in their assault on your dog and can migrate into carpets, linens and beds. Check your pet’s lower back and tail for flea bites. If your dog is scratching in other areas, check the point of contact for ticks and parasites.

In some cases, animals will continue to scratch for days, even more than a week after being treated for the infestation. Some are simply allergic to the insects. It’s important to use an all-natural anti-itch spray whenever possible to promote pet health.

Do a Doggy Bathe

Dust, pollen, beach sand, salt water and other small particles can settle on a dog’s skin. They may look and smell perfectly clean, but these almost unseen things can cause discomfort. Some dog groomers recommend giving dogs a regular oatmeal bath. The FDA has approved colloidal oatmeal for the treatment of irritated and itchy skin. This natural shampoo can have significant benefits for dogs with itchy skin.

The Spot Treatment

Although proactive methods such as changing a dog’s diet, eradicating fleas and bathing can provide relief, it may not come soon enough. If you find that your dog continues to scratch or bite at an inflamed area, apply a natural anti-itch remedy that your veterinarian approves.

Go Under Cover

When dogs try to cure an affected area by scratching and chewing, they sometimes make it much worse. Turning an allergic reaction or insect bite into a wound can lead to infection. Consider covering the area while treatment is taking effect.

We hope our Gulfstream Isles community members enjoy these dog health suggestions. If you or a friend would like more information about our pet-friendly Fort Myers apartments, call us today.

Sponges and Spray Bottle

A Guide to Spring-Cleaning Your Apartment Home

Sponges and Spray BottleThere’s something about spring cleaning that produces an immense amount of personal satisfaction for most people, and residents of our apartments in Fort Myers are no exception. Starting the warm season with a fully cleaned home environment just feels good, and even people who are very busy with work or school obligations can find time to fit in some deep seasonal cleaning if they follow the right strategies.

Following are three spring cleaning tips designed to get your spring cleaning program off to a great start and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed as you tackle spring cleaning chores.

Devise a Strategy

One of the most surefire ways to completely burn out on spring cleaning is to dive right in without a clear, concise plan of action. On the Friday night before you plan on accomplishing the majority of your spring cleaning, sit down and devise a workable strategy. You’ll find that things will go much more smoothly if you have a blueprint to work off of. This also helps put you in the right mindset for spring cleaning. Be careful not to over-schedule yourself, and leave ample room in your schedule for breaks. Keep in mind that you can always perform spring cleaning activities over the course of several weekends.

Don’t be Shy About Outsourcing

Don’t be afraid to outsource any tasks that seem overly daunting — there are services that specialize in all aspects of keeping a clean and well-organized home. Now is the time for you to identify any areas where you could use extra help. For instance, if developing an organizational plan for your closet is something you’ve never found time for, consider hiring a professional closet organizer to map out a plan.

Start With Decluttering

Spring cleaning tasks seem far less challenging when you’re working with a clutter-free environment. Starting a week or so before the date you’ve scheduled to get started on serious spring cleaning, begin the process of purging your apartment of all superfluous clutter. Throw or donate to charity anything that you haven’t used for the past year, and be as ruthless as possible.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office for more information on our available apartments and amenities.

Eye Exam

Simple Tips for Healthy Eyes

Eye ExamEyes are a fundamental component of human health. You can do a lot on your own to keep your eyes healthy and functional. Following are helpful and easy tips that you can practice in our Fort Myers apartments to maintain healthy eyes.

Protect Your Eyes With Nutrition

Certain foods are better for eye health than others. In particular, leafy greens like kale and spinach are fantastic for eye health. Dark greens are especially beneficial. Carrots and fish like tuna, salmon and halibut are also excellent for the eyes.

Rest Your Eyes

Nowadays, most people spend the majority of their waking hours in front of a screen. Your eyes need a break from the screen. If you have been looking at a computer screen, book, magazine, TV screen or anything else for more than 20 minutes, take a break! Get up, walk outside and stare at objects that are far away. Try to focus your sight on things at least 20 feet away so your eyes have a chance to switch between near and far sight.

Use Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses look cool yet they also serve the important purpose of safeguarding the eyes. These shades will shield the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Opt for sunglasses that block 99 percent or all of the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation for maximum protection.

Be Careful When Touching Your Contact Lenses

Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with an antibacterial soap before handling your contact lenses. Otherwise, you run the risk of infection. Always disinfect the contact lenses as directed so your eyes do not come into contact with any type of gunk or other threat.

Have Your Eyes Checked With a Dilated Eye Exam

Though you might assume your vision is perfectly fine, you should still have a full dilated eye exam. This exam determines if you have any noticeable issues or the warning signs of eye diseases. Some patients do not show any indications of these diseases. The dilated eye exam is the sole means of identifying these diseases in their early stage. Examples of such diseases include diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

Come Visit Gulfstream Isles

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Stretching Back

Easy Stretches for Your Back

Stretching BackWhether you work in an office setting and lots of time behind a computer screen our you’re simply looking for better ways to stay fit and prevent common aches and pains, corrective exercise can help to stretch sore muscles and relieve pain. With a few go-to at home stretches you can rely on, it is easy to keep your body feeling stronger and prevent common back conditions. Check out our favorite simple back stretches that you can easily complete in the comfort of your apartment.

3 Easy Stretches for Your Back

1. Spine Stretch

This back stretch is so easy to complete that you can do it from a sitting position. Start by sitting down on the floor with your feet placed further apart than your hips. Slowly nod your head forward, beginning to bend forward by hinging your body at the hips. Breathe normally through the stretch, drawing your chin into your chest as you go further down into the move. Slide your hands in front of your body and along the floor for stability. Sit in the stretch for a few breaths and slowly rise to your original position.

2. Cat-Camel Yoga Stretch

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you might be familiar with this relaxing stretch. Begin by getting down on your hands and knees, with a towel or workout mat underneath your body for extra comfort. Next, start to slowly alternate between arching your back and then rounding it back up to allow all 3 sections of the spine to gradually extend and flow together. Take this stretch slowly to feel the lower, middle and upper areas of the spine stretch. Each cycle should take about 3-5 seconds. Repeat stretch 5-6 times.

3. Low-Back Rotation

This move can be completed at your desk or at the dinner table! Start by sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Keeping your back straight, twist your upper body and rotate your shoulders to one side. Use the chair for support and hold the stretch for 2-3 breaths. Switch sides and repeat.

Stay Fit and Healthy in 2018

For more information about our apartment community or to take a look at the available floor plans at our apartments in Fort Myers, visit the team at Gulfstream Isles today.

Flavored Popcorn

4 Flavored Popcorn Recipes

Flavored PopcornPopcorn is an excellent everyday snack that easily transforms into a truly delicious treat with a little extra help. The addition of popcorn flavoring can elevate your enjoyment of this versatile food. You can make your flavoring out of nearly any combination of herbs, spices and powdered ingredients imaginable. Here are four awesome flavored popcorn recipes to enjoy at our Fort Myers apartments.

Cheesy Ranch

The very same packet of ranch flavoring you use to make your favorite dips can be repurposed as a popcorn topping by mixing it with powdered cheddar cheese. Remember to use a three to one ratio of cheddar cheese to ranch to get the right balance of flavors. This delicious combination offers a creamy, yet tangy, flavor experience that is truly unforgettable.

Garlic Parmesan at Our Fort Myers Apartments

Garlic Parmesan offers a subtle blend of flavors that pair perfectly with the soft crunch of air-popped popcorn. Making this topping is as easy as mixing together a 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese and two teaspoons of granulated garlic at our apartments in Fort Myers. When you sprinkle this flavor enhancer over your hot popcorn, the delightful smells of Parmesan and garlic will awaken your senses.

Salt and Pepper

Although salt and pepper on popcorn sounds crazy and far too simple, it really works as long as you use a steady hand in applying the right amounts of each spice. To get the ratios right, mix equal amounts of salt and pepper in a small container. Sprinkle over your popcorn for an unexpectedly amazing treat.

Cinnamon Sugar

To round out your flavoring selections, mix up a batch of cinnamon sugar to sprinkle over your popcorn for a great dessert. You can add a bit extra crunch by mixing in a few tablespoons of coarse sugar crystals to the mix. This mixture makes for an extra delicious seasoning for popcorn balls or simply enjoying it straight out of the bowl.

If you are dreaming of upgrading your living space while munching on your popcorn treats, contact our team at Gulfstream Isles Apartment Homes by calling (866) 521-1728. Allow us to help you find the perfect apartment floor plan for you.

Bath Bombs

DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Bath BombsMost people would agree that flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are the most common Valentine’s Day gifts. Chances are, your loved one would be more than happy to receive these gifts on Valentine’s Day. However, you should still consider surprising your significant other with a homemade gift. Here are a few DIY gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that your significant other will actually like.

1. Chalkboard Heart Frames

One meaningful gift that you can make for Valentine’s Day is a chalkboard heart frame. To make these adorable frames, you will need white chalk, chalkboard spray paint, wooden heart frames, and sandpaper.

First, you spray the frames with two coats of chalkboard paint and allow the paint to dry for a day. If you want to give the frames an aged and rustic look, you can use sandpaper to go over them. You can use a cloth to wipe down the frames and remove any paint dust. The next step is setting the chalkboard by rubbing white chalk on the frame and then using a cloth to wipe off any access chalk. Finally, you can stick in a photo or scrapbook paper and then use chalk to draw on the frame.

2. Love Slime

If your significant other is young at heart, you should consider making them love slime. To make love slime, all you need is two cups of red glitter glue, a cup of warm water, one teaspoon of borax, and three to five drops of chocolate extract, rose oil, or another popular Valentine’s Day scent. You can also leave the love slime unscented. If you want the slime to be extra sparkly, you can add even more glitter to the finished product.

3. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an incredibly popular gift for Valentine’s Day. All you need is a few basic ingredients and you will be able to make bath bombs for your significant other. Some of these ingredients are citric acid, baking soda, melted Shea butter, and a few drops of an essential oil. By gifting homemade bath bombs, you will be able to add your significant other’s favorite essential oil.

If you want to gift something homemade this Valentine’s Day to your significant other or good friends in your community, you should consider the DIY gift ideas discussed above. Contact us if you’ve been thinking about moving into an apartment in our community. You can also visit our office if you want to take a look at our Fort Myers apartments!

Coloring Book

4 Fun and Inexpensive Hobbies

Coloring BookAt Gulfstream Isles, our residents have many on-site amenities to enjoy and lots of room in their homes to explore new opportunities. If you are looking for a few new hobbies to add to your life, it can be hard to choose. After all, there’s only so much time in the day. While you enjoy the on-site amenities we offer at our Fort Myers apartment, we have a few recommendations for fun but affordable hobbies.

#1: Spend Some Time Reading

Do you remember growing up reading away those lazy Sunday afternoons? Why not get some of that back? Check out a local book club or start your own. If you don’t want to take up a lot of space with paperback books, use audiobooks instead. You can even listen to them while tackling tasks around your home.

#2: Volunteering

It costs you nothing but gives you so much back. Volunteering is an exceptional option. Local organizations are always looking for help. You can also check out local food pantries, women’s shelters, or group homes. Find a way to give back. This is an excellent way to build your quality of life, too.

#3: Start Exercising

Instead of focusing on losing weight, this time exercise for the mental clarity it can offer to you. And, it can also help you to get stronger. You can use our on-site fitness center to help you. But, if you are not there yet, go for a walk each day. Spend some time doing workouts at home.

#4: Enjoy the Arts Your Way

Another fabulous and inexpensive way to have fun is all about art, but there isn’t just one form that’s right for everyone. You may want to take up computer graphics design. On the other hand, a few adult coloring books may be the route to take. You can, of course, paint, draw, or even enjoy some pottery at a local school.

Love Where You Live

For those who want more room or fantastic amenities to make enjoying hobbies a bit easier, give us a call at Gulfstream Isles. We encourage you to find out which floor plans are available at our apartments in Fort Myers. Give us a call today to learn more.

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